Creative Will - Intention as a Physical Experience

Creative Will – Intention as a Physical Experience

Creative Will – Put your body (yourself) behind your intentions.

Think of a magnifying glass. How does it work? Undirected sunlight is warmth. Harnessed and unified through the magnifying glass, sunlight becomes directed energy – energy that can light fires! It’s just like our will. Unharnessed, our will is creative intention without a direction of expression – it is perhaps an idea before it is manifest, a wish before we speak it out, and in our work it is our basic creative need without our intention being collected and directed toward a specific expression in reality.

Our body is the magnifier of our will. It collects our will and focuses our intention – transforming them into the physical creative power to affect our realities. Without our physicality, will remains undefined and unfocused. Will shines through our bodies like sunlight – and if allowed to, our body harnesses and grounds this energy – expressing itself as our creative intention. When directed in this fashion our intentions have the power to light creative fires.

In this training we will use discussion, movement, concentration, and relaxation exercises, aimed to teach you practical and effective ways to harness your will as a physical experience: You will:

  • Learn to experience your will and creative intentions as a full body experience
  • Gain tools to unify your creative ideas – with the clarity and practicality to accomplish them.
  • Recover the qualities of concentration, silence, patience, and persistence by developing a high level of body attention and relaxation – strengthening and grounding your creative process into real success.
  • When you are doing anything – to be able to fully engage yourself in each moment and bring all of yourself behind each creative act.

Bring clothing to move in!


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