"Break Free" Stopping Movement Workshop

A 4-hour workshop for more personal freedom. We all are full of routines that limit us and make us unhappy.

Come with your personal challenge: You would like to bring change to a situation that bothers you or a repeated painful sensation? In this workshop, you will learn how to set yourself free and achieve real change.

Additionally, in order to achieve lasting results, including for your everyday life, we will guide you through a home training during the two weeks following your workshop.

The workshop is based on the Stopping Movement Training of the Grinberg Method. We move together to the rhythm of the music and seek to find more freedom in our movements. Each movement is stopped, in order to allow a new movement to happen. The stopping of movements brings energy, raises the level of attention and frees us from routines that limit and damage our bodies.

No previous experience or special requirements necessary.

mor infos: www.baerbelsinger.de, 0163-5707565, mail@baerbelsinger.de

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