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Concious Creator – Mastering the Game of Creative Living

Year 1 Training: This modular Intensive Group Training aims to recover and strengthen your Creative Confidence.

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About Concious Creator – Year 1 Training

CREATIVITY is a Physical experience.

I believe that creativity is our most natural and pleasurable expression of being alive. It’s that spark of life that engages us, ignites our curiosity, and moves us off the couch – back into where the fun and magic of life is. I believe each one of us has something unique and visionary to do and to give, an inner knowing which longs to be expressed. I believe we all – deep down inside – really want to make a difference in the world, to make our lives count. When we are creative without complication, we experience ourselves as alive, attentive, interested, and very physical. Our creativity revitalizes our ability to be attentive to the world we live in, others, and the present moment. It reconnects us to our expression and curiosity. We are tactile, sensual, playful; fully alive with enjoyment and health.

The body is missing from our dialog and experience of creativity.

I believe that we are missing something in our ability to tap into our creative confidence, to move through our fears and self judgment, and be able to actualize our creativity, projects, and aims with ease. We forget that our ideas and projects eventually have to become physical – or they never get seen, heard, or started – let alone finished. They instead stay unreal – somewhere in our minds or emotions as wishes or dreams. Since our body is where we actually experience, play with, and build reality – it makes sense that the body is the natural place to focus our attention when wanting to embody our aims, projects and creativity. In other words, the more physical we are the easier it is to create.

Developing Body attention supports our natural creativity

I teach, write, and lecture about developing Body Attention towards creative confidence. Training in Body Attention is a practical art. When meeting creative excitement and fear – the greater our attention to our physical responses becomes – the more we can tap into our body, notice how our fears are manifesting themselves physically, and train to stop the habitual ways of being which stand in the way of our creative confidence – moving our projects and creative ideas from the intangible drawing board to the embodied real time. This is Creative power!

The year Training is comprised of 5 workshops spread throughout the year. (see descriptions below)

Creative D.R.I.V.E – Intro Workshop

The journey begins…2 Day Workshop

Making the creative process simple again!

This highly effective system teaches you the ins and outs of Creative Flow; you will learn a powerful system which allows you toenter Creative FLOW by choice, stay there and move forwward in your aims.  You will learn to recognize when you are in FLOW and states which decrease or stop creativity, tools to increasing your creative energy and body attention, while gaining practical  movements and actions to take when you get are stuck – getting you back on track – simply, and with no more drama!

Dare To Dream – 3 Day Workshop

Reality Crafting starts with your Power to  Dream!

Any great vision, idea, project, or life – always starts with the ability to imagine, to dream, and to make this dream as real as possible through embodied visualization. We dream our world into being – yet most of us have lost our capacity to know what we want, to visualize and describe this in rich and motivating detail – leaving us as if lacking true meaning or passion for our lives. In this workshop we will dive for three days into recovering our capacity to dream. We will look at our personal dream – the story we are telling ourselves, the collective dream – beliefs, judgments, thoughts, ideas about ourselves and reality – the way we think, judge, utilize our mind – we will look at how dreaming expresses itself physically through our perception – our nervous system and concious intelligence  and subconcious paradigms which control our actions depsite our wishes – all of which either add to our freedom and ease in dreaming up the life we wish – or is keeping us living a dream which is not to our full potential. In this workshop you will tap into your unique purpose – allowing implementation to naturally unfold.

Cross the Wall and Start to Work! – 3 Day Workshop

Turning the habit of “tomorrow” into actions in the NOW!

We all have that great plan, idea, or vision – which sadly we seem always to put off for “tomorrow.” This creative habit leaves us with damaged self trust and destroyed creative confidence. But WHY is it so hard? After all – I know what I want – I just can’t seem to start! In this workshop we will tackle the boogeymen of creative efficiency – Procrastination, favorite fears, the social agreement centered around creative shame, self image and how we talk to our self, our energy levels, and what we do with our will. What does love have to do with procrastination? What does fear have to do with creative success? How can I stop Re- acting my failures and just START to work! This is the workshop that gets you finally over that wall – meeting creative follow through with confidence!

Life Artists Living – Leave Your Islands! – 5 Day Intensive Retreat

The Journey back into Life!

Creative Living is the excitement of discovery, following our curiosity, gaining pleasure in meeting the unknown, and a thirst for new experience and learning. In this Workshop we will leave our personal islands! We will challenge and question our routines, habits, and beliefs about powerful subjects such as money, communication, ethics and law, networking, time management, play and pleasure, ritual and power, tribe and culture – and much more. The aim of this 5 day intensive – full immersion retreat – is to question your holy cows , lay bare your scapegoats and let go of all the lame excuses which you are living in order not to be powerful. You are sick of bananas? – you want spaghetti instead? – It’s time to leave your personal islands – journey back out into the world, get involved – meet the neighbors, establish trade routes, discover places of beauty, learn to swim again – and surprise yourself! Your creativity demands it – and believe me it’s worth it!

Mastering the Game of Creativity – 3 Day Workshop

A Powerful foundation – so you can create it all!

You are a powerful creative force – able to dream your existence, start effectively and journey out into your projects with ease, you know how to stop what doesn’t serve you, to follow what does and actively choose states of optimum FLOW – you are an explorer of your life again – and now – in this workshop – you will learn how to manage it all. The more life you live – the greater the need to harness and direct your attention, access your ability to hold many contexts at once, practices to maintain powerful energy levels without burning out – here you will build a strong and flexible foundation which will support any dream and see you through all of your created experiences.

LIfe Artists
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