F.R.A.M.E. Creativity as a Physical Experience

F.R.A.M.E. Creativity Training Focus. Relaxation. Attention. Movement. Energy –


Creativity is a Physical expression…so when we want to get into creative flow, the more physical we are – the less complicated and distracted our creative experience is. The more pleasurable and effective the creative process becomes. Flow doesn’t just happen by chance – As top athletes and performers know – flow is something you practice!

Our bodies are the frame which allow our ideas to take form, indeed without our body experiencing, moving, expressing, acting, and doing – none of our ideas would ever manifest. In other words – without doing something physical – all our “great ideas” – stay ideas – instead of becoming our physical tangible life -the creation we love to live.

F.R.A.M.E. Creativity is training to physically enhance the movement from idea to embodiment. It is a system which understands the creative process as needing specific bodily states or experiences to flow most effectively; focus, relaxation, attention, movement, and energy – states which when supported – naturally allow our creativity to unfold and express itself easily.

Studies recognize these states as essential to achieve flow and high performance. FRAME creativity takes it a practical step further – teaching that these states are physical and experiential – which when practiced, allows you not only to embody by choice these highly creative states – but to do so at a moments notice.

A 10 minute FRAME creativity training allows you to enter by choice and every time into the sweet spot! – the state of focused relaxation which allows creativity to flourish! You have gained exactly the physical state which allows you hours of productive and focused creative time. Find yourself low on energy, procrastinating or doubting your unique vision? A 5 minute FRAME interruption gets you back into reality, physical, and effective!

This training is a powerful means to frame the creative impulse – and train the qualities and mind set, or I would call it body-set which supports the process of just getting back to it – from melodies in your head to the hands playing the concert, a business model in the air becoming the body of a company with flesh and blood coworkers – reminding us that Creative flow is a whole body experience.

I believe strongly that our creative ideas need a physical framework – allowing us to get them out of our minds and into reality. “Your body is the frame through which your creativity makes itself visible” If ideas are to be visible, useful, enjoyed, out there – then they must become physical.

F.R.A.M.E. Creativity gets you out of you mind and back into creative flow – using your body as the anchor to interrupt your doubts, distractions, and self implosions – getting you back on track and taking the next step in your creative flow.

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